YooShapeHover Documentation

YooShapeHover is a tiny module that makes it possible to introduce content an elegant way.


Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Select mod_yooshapehover zip file and click the Install button

Module settings

YooShapeHover module settings

The SVG (Scalar Vector Graphics) effect that will be applied to your module
Picture path
Path to the picture to use as background for module. During installation, sample pictures have been installed under /images/mod_yooshapehover folder
The URL the user is redirected to when clicking on module
Title displayed in module. Do not confuse with Module title :)
Text displayed under the title when hovering

Module variations

You can see the 3 module variations and their generated outputs, depending on the SVG effect selected.

YooShapeHover output

Oblique | Rounded | Angulous


See YooShapeHover in action

  • Thursday, 17 April 2014

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