YooScattered Gallery is a ready-to-use picture gallery compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. Discover how to make it work here.


Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Select com_supergallery zip file and click the Install button.

Do the same thing with mod_yooscatteredgallery zip file

Component backend

Basically, super gallery component is made of 2 screens:

  • one for gallery management
  • one for the gallery items management

SuperGallery Galleries screen

SuperGallery Gallery Items screen

Gallery Item Definition

A gallery item is basically made of:

  • a title
  • a picture
  • a link (optional)
  • a description (optional)
  • a dummy status
  • a published state

The dummy status is used to display the item in background, but not in gallery

Module settings

YooScattered Module settings

The Gallery to display
Display Mode
Normal: polaroid gallery, flipping: polaroid gallery with flippable pictures.
Click on start
Whether or not gallery must be clicked on before items are shuffled.

Wanny try rapidly?

Go to items management and use the init data button. It will create a gallery, with items.

Note: all existing galleries will be deleted!!

How to associate galleries with Joomla articles?

Use the loadmodule or loadposition plugins.


1. Create your gallery
2. Create a YooScatteredGallery module instance
3. Give it a position, let's say scattered-gallery
4. Edit your Joomla article and add { loadposition scattered-gallery }

Other Module Params

YooScatteredGallery module supports cache.

See SuperGallery in action


  • Thursday, 23 October 2014

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