YooQRCode Documentation

YooQRCode displays a QRCode that points to the current URL page. It can be displayed using mod_yooqrcode or plg_yooqrcode


Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Select mod_yooqrcode zip file  (or plg_yooqrcode) and click the Install button

Module and Plugin settings

YooQRCode module settings

CSS Class Suffix
You can add a css class of your choice to style your module.
Intro text
An optional HTML introduction text
Outro text
An optional HTML outroduction text
Image size
QRCode width in pixel. Note: the image is responsive in Joomla3
Output encoding
UTF-8, ISO8859-1 (Latin) or Shift_JIS. If these options do not make sense, just leave UTF-8
Error correction level
The bigger error correction level, the more QRCode will display points and will be fault tolerant.
The margin around the generated FlashCode
Good to know Plugin parameters are image size, encoding, error correction level, margin

How do I use plugin? (plugin only)

First, you need to make sure that plugin is enabled. Extensions > Plugins > Search for YooQRCode plugin and enable it. Once this step is done, you just use the {yooqrcode} syntax in your Joomla articles.

Tip: Given that YooQRCode plugin is a content plugin, you can use the plugin on any extension that supports content plugin, like K2, YooRecipe, and many others

YooQRCode plugin activation

How can I modify CSS? (module only)

YooQRCode CSS file is located under /media/mod_yooqrcode/styles/mod_yooqrcode.css

Module snapshot

You can see below an example of a generated YooQRCode.


See YooQRCode in action

  • Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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