Yoo3DGallery is a ready-to-use 3G picture gallery compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. Discover how to make it work here.


Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager > Select mod_yoo3dgallery zip file and click the Install button

Module settings

Yoo3DGalleryHover module settings

2 choices. Navigation buttons or autoplay
Path to the pictures to use in gallery module. During installation, sample pictures have been installed under /images/mod_yoo3dgallery folder.
A json object associating links with pictures. See more information below.

How to add my own gallery?

Go to your media manager, create a folder under /images folder, put your pictures in it. They should be at least 480 pixels wide. No worries if you put files other than images, Yoo3gDallery will filter them.

How to associate links with pictures?

The link parameter is optional. If you want to specify links, you just have to fill in this option using a JSON string.

Example:{ "1.jpg":"http://www.google.com", "2.jpg":"http://www.yourwebsite.com" } where 1.jpg is the name of a picture in your gallery.

Module variations

You can see 2 examples of how Yoo3dGallery behaves depending on device it is displayed.

The module detects the device screen width and displays previous and next pictures if there is enough room on page, or not. This is automagic.

Smartphone layout
PC & tablet layout

See Yoo3DGallery in action

  • Thursday, 17 April 2014

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