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YooCategories v1.0.x


YooCategories Module Installation

In the back end, go to Extensions > Extension Manager Select the mod_yoocategories versioned zip file and click Upload and Install. You should see an OK message indicating that YooCategories Module has been correctly installed.

YooCategories Module Configuration

Step 1: Set Module options

In Extensions > Module Manager, select the YooCategories Module

Set a title, a position for the module. Publish it, set ordering and publication dates as you wish.

Step 2: Assign YooCategories Module to your menus

This part is classical and common for all Joomla modules. You can display YooCategories module either on all pages, or pages of your choice.

YooCategories Module Parameters


  • Css class module suffix: For advanced users only.

    You can define your own css class and apply a different style to the module. Go to %your_website_root%/media/mod_yoocategories/styles and edit add a css file. Naming convention is mod_yoocategories%suffix_of_your_choice%.css.Then, to take your modification into account, set the Css class module suffix accordingly in the basic options.
  • Intro text: Introduction text. Can be HTML formatted
  • Outro text: Outroduction text. Can be HTML formatted
  • Select Category: The parent category to start displaying from
  • Dropdoxn list: If set, a dropdown list is used. Links are displayed otherwise
  • Empty Categories: Whether or not empty categories should be displayed
  • Number of recipes: Whether or not the number of active recipes inside each category should be displayed
  • Max level: The maximum depth of displayed categories. Max is 10.


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